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Who We Are - Spencer K. Smartt - Echelon Cabinet Dealer and Designer

Let Us Design Your New Dream Kitchen

Over the years Spencer Smartt has built his reputation on honesty, ethical business practices and the virtues of just being fair and open about how he conducts himself. Starting as a Framing Carpenter, then becoming a Custom Home Builder, to an accomplished Kitchen and Bath Designer he has been instrumental in the design and remodeling of kitchens and baths throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

Spencer works closely with New Home Builders, Remodeling Contractors, Realtors and Home Investors to provide the finest American made cabinetry on the market! Spencer Smartt began his business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1991.

For those who want to try doing their own designing we offer you our Free Kitchen and Bath Design Program Provided by Lowe's Virtual Room Designer Kitchen Design Software
1. Step One Click on the "Launch Designer" Button below to start
2. Step Two Click on the "Start From Scratch" or "Saved Designs" 
3. Step Three Begin designing your new Kitchen


Prepare a color rendering like the one shown to the left that matches how you want your "Dream" kitchen to look.

Make sure to Change the door style and finishes that will meet your needs and requirements!

Lay out your floor plan like the one to the left and make changes to suit your future needs! 

Properly measure each wall and place window and door openings exactly where they are located to make sure your cabinetry deminisions fit your specific needs.

"Rule of Thumb"

Use this  streamlined budget technique shown below to determine your remodel costs! *

Estimated Value of Your Home
 Precentage of Value To Remodel Your Kitchen [10 to 25%]
 Estimated Remodel Budget
 Remodeling expense
 Design Fees
 Installation Costs
 Appliances & Ventilation
 Cabinetry & Hardware
 Doors & Windows
 Walls & Ceilings
 Faucets & Plumbing
 Total Estimated Budget